Dinner Show for the Sitges Carnival 2023

¡Prepárate for pasar aa noche única e inolvineable at Zak Rendez Vous at Sitges, Barcelona! The restaurante Zak Rendez Vous to complace at ofrecer aa cena ispectáculo ispecial for the days Carnendorsement from Sitges, that to heldará from 16 at 19 from faithbrero.

Durto esta cena ispectáculo ispecial, the invitados disfrutaran from aa variedad from atretatimiento at live, fromfrom actuationis from singers at directo, toa actuations from Drag Queens. Disfruta from aa cena with a menú from degustacis website, that incluye aa creacis website ispecial for the Carnendorsement from Sitges, elaborada by the chef from restaurante. Durto the cena, the invitados tendran the oportaidad from disfrutar from aa bebgo to from biencome togo to, así como from aa variedad from wines and cocktails from our wine list.

AdemMore from the comgo to y the atretatimiento at live, the diners también disfrutaran from aa variedad from sorpresas y actions ispecialis. To end from the noche, the diners disfrutaran from aa party for heldar the ocsos website.

No you pierdas esta increíble cena ispectáculo from Carnendorsement from Sitges. Reserva your lugar at Zak Rendez Vous lo antis posible for disfrutar from aa experiencia única e inolvineable. ¡It isforamos see you at pronto!

Limited Seats